Interest-bearing account

Similar to a classic current account with the difference that it generates interests for the benefit of the owner. It is considered as the most liquid investment as investors are able to fully or partially withdraw their funds without notice

Term deposit

This investment is less liquid than an interest-bearing account because a notice is required in case of withdrawal (generally 32 days). The return and the maturity of the term deposit is predetermined. The account can offer gradual or fixed interest rates.

Endowment contract

Subject to eligibility and proper structuration, this investment offers a good alternative to term account as it is more lucrative with similar liquidity. It is a tailor-made contract and we support you to facilitate the subscription process and ensure that you get the best term conditions.

Other treasury investments

Opportunistic or innovative treasury investments (treasury funds, short-term funds...) can provide sufficiently attractive risk and return ratio to be considered as a sustainable alternative to a classic treasury investment.

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